5 More Questions to Help You Master Your Focus and Your Life

When we can't find the answers, asking ourselves questions is the best way to get unstuck. The right kinds of questions can help you remove distractions, conquer procrastination and move quickly and confidently forward.

In last week’s article, I shared 5 questions you can ask yourself to stay on track, tame negative emotions that are derailing your progress, and take focused, productive actions to reach your goals. There, I explained why asking ourselves certain kinds of questions can help us move the ball forward with whatever it is we are trying to accomplish.

Once you've used the questions I posed last week to remove emotional distractions and stay focused on your goals, this week’s questions will help you quickly overcome procrastination, resist temptations that take you off course, and identify the most productive way to reach your goals.

1. If I were to accomplish X, how would I go about it?

The final question in last week’s article was “What would happen if I did X instead?” Whenever you feel stuck, the best thing you can do is first to identify a specific action that might move you forward and then ask yourself what would happen if you did that instead of what you are doing now?

You’re not telling yourself you must do that thing, but gently asking what would happen if you did. By asking in this open-ended way, you bypass internal resistance.

Asking this next question of how you would go about it is the next logical step and can give you an even broader view of how best to move forward. Instead of identifying one specific action, you are now looking at the big picture of how you might accomplish your goal.

We often have stretch goals that would make a huge difference in our lives if we were to accomplish them. But something is getting in the way. Lack of money. Lack of time. A feeling that we are not up to the task. So we give up.

Instead, ask yourself how you could go about it if you were actually to accomplish the goal. You are not at this point telling yourself you must accomplish it. Rather, you are keeping an open-minded perspective and casually wondering to yourself how you might go about it if you were to go about it.