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I’m really quite ordinary.

But I’ve managed to accomplish the extraordinary.

With the power of focus.

And if I can do it, you can too.

It's pretty simple. I can show you how.

About Hal

Hi, I'm Hal Berman.

I was always shy, self-conscious and afraid to speak in public.


But I managed to head two major organizations where I spoke to live audiences and the media almost daily. And today, I broadcast every week to over 100,000 listeners in half a dozen cities, as the co-host of a popular radio show.


With the power of focus.

Geneva Marathon_edited.jpg

I’m not athletic. I was always one of the last picked in gym class, but I’ve managed to run nine marathons on three continents. With the power of focus.

I had very average grades as a music major in college, but I managed to get accepted to one of the nation’s top law schools – and graduate near the top of my class. With the power of focus.

After not practicing law for 20 years and forgetting nearly everything I knew, I took on a minor role assisting an international company with a legal document review project. Within two years, I had become one of the company’s senior executives, overseeing a team of lawyers, and directing projects across the globe. With the power of focus.

With the power of focus, we can access abilities we never knew we had. Doubling our productivity. Mastering stress. Controlling our moods and emotions. Whether you want to run marathons, learn a language, improve your relationships, fast-track your career, build a winning business, or accomplish any goal by which you measure success – it is the power of focus that will get you there.


How did I learn the secrets of optimal focus, the mental techniques that spell the difference between success and failure? I’m not going to tell you that I trekked to a mountaintop in India, or spent years in seclusion in a Buddhist monastery 

or meditated 14 hours a day.

The techniques I’ve learned and have been teaching

to my clients for years are really quite ordinary and easy to master.


Rather than a mountaintop in India, I journeyed to Princeton, New Jersey, where the science-based techniques I studied with Dr. Les Fehmi at the Princeton Biofeedback Centre created the foundation for what has become my own unique method. Along with Dr. Fehmi’s discoveries, I have incorporated a select group of proven focus and productivity exercises that I have developed and found to be most effective with my clients.

Time after time, teaching my clients how to focus has literally meant the difference between success and failure, between mastering stress and emotions or being consumed by them, between accomplishing goals or being sidetracked by the same old distractions:

 The child who came to me with such severe ADHD that he was kicked out of four elementary schools, learned how to focus, graduated high school, and is now preparing for college

The man who called me in distress after failing his driving test three times due to nerves, but passed after a short time learning my focus methods

The professional who could never quite seem to rise above mediocrity, yet shot past his co-workers once he incorporated focus techniques into his work routine

The teenager with anxiety so intense that his panic attacks shut him down for hours, 

learned to focus and now performs in theater productions in front of hundreds of people

If I hadn’t learned how to focus, I would still be the last guy picked for the team, the mediocre student, the shy person afraid to speak in public, the professional with the stalled career. Running marathons, learning complex material quickly, speaking before large crowds and rising to the top of the corporate ladder would still be unimaginable. Yet with the power of focus, even ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary.

It’s pretty simple.

And I can show you how.

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